Choosing the Most Functional FBA Calculation Tool

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If you're an Amazon merchant you'd probably want to ensure that the revenues you're generating are significantly higher (or even marginally higher) than the original cost price of the product. IO Scout Is the best Amazon FBA calculator on the market.Since you need to pay several big and small fees before taking the product home, it is especially important to ensure you're paying the right price. DataGuide prepared an Amazon CamelCamelCamel review to learn about Amazon tools more.An FBA calculator will do this job for you, helping you assess the exact profitability of your items.

The Basics of Amazon FBA

If you're an Amazon merchant, you're probably familiar with FBA. In case you aren't, here's the basic idea: this is a Fulfilment program launched by Amazon tailored to help merchants in boosting their overall sales. This is done by allowing you to access a range of excellent resources rolled out and powered by Amazon.

When you sign up for this program, your products automatically qualify for a one day, same day, or free delivery. It helps boost your popularity and gives you a more competitive edge when compared to competitors. As with any other program from this eCommerce biggie, this one requires you to pay a small fee to avail these facilities.

The Perks of Using a Calculator for FBA

An Amazon FBA calculator comes with plenty of perks, the biggest one being the very fact that it allows you to evaluate your costs. When you use these programs, you get a complete insight into the charges you are likely to incur throughout the item’s lifecycle.

Are There Any Free FBA Tools?

As with everything else, you will certainly find a list of free applications. These apps offer you quick, detailed, and accurate metrics, allowing you to make proper selling decisions. To make things easier for you, we’ve handpicked some of the most popular fba revenue calculator for Amazon sellers. The best part: they are free.

Jungle Scout

This is perhaps one of the best tools for merchants who are looking for proper breakdowns. The biggest highlight: you get plenty of details that assist you in evaluating every step involved in the process. This tool doesn't just educate you about the fees you need to pay but also gives a detailed explanation about each of them. This, in turn, helps you remember and understand them more easily. In a bid to simplify things for Amazon sellers, this tool also comes with an extra Chrome extension that allows you to check real-time information while surfing the online portal of Amazon.

Viral Launch

If you’re looking for a tool that isn’t just functional but is also easy to operate, Viral Launch might be an excellent pick. Using the application is extremely simple and you can do this even if you do not have any experience with handling technical tools. Simply get the URL of your product and paste it in Launch’s toolbar. You can also alternatively use the ASIN for this task. After pasting, click the 'Calculate' option to start the calculation. For more details, you can refer to their in-house videos and online resources. As with Jungle Scout, they too come with a dedicated extension for Chrome.

amazon fba fees calculator


When it comes to fba calculator for Amazon, AMZScout will never disappoint you. This software is extremely easy to use, and you will have two common options for operating it. First, you can directly operate it via its official website. The functions are simple, and you can start operating it in no time. Again, you will also have the option of using their extension that is entirely dedicated to Chrome. Either way, you can make use of all the features without paying a penny. Like similar tools, this one too requires you to paste your preferred item's ASIN on the top search column- Scout will do the rest for you. 

Seller App

This is an yet another free amazon fba fees calculator. The working mechanism is extremely simple, and the app, with its quick and thorough analysis, will certainly exceed your expectations. To get started, key in the standard identification number of your preferred product and wait for the tool to generate the results. In addition to assessing the profit potential of your product, this tool will also help you assess and compare the various modes of fulfillment. This way, you'll understand whether FBA is indeed the right option for you. The final highlight is the profitability index that'll help you figure out whether your item is capable of turning in hefty profits.


The Salecalc app is one of your best amazon fba fees calculator. In addition to being available for free, this tool will also offer a comprehensive idea about the things buyers are searching on this eCommerce giant. The tool works really well and it gives you a thorough assessment of the factors you want to know about. Simply add the price of your product, its type, the selling price, tier, your desired revenue amount and a few other details to get started. The information provided will be easy to consume and detailed. 


The revenue calculating tool from this brand will certainly exceed your requirements if you want a quick and thorough assessment. Unlike many similar web-based applications, this one will give you a more minute assessment of the things you're looking to know about. After adding some basic information like the size, dimensions, and type of the item, you will find an in-depth analysis of the profit and the profit margin.

Calculating the Costs from Amazon's FBA Tool

Overall, each of these listed tools is handy and easy to operate. Even if you're a novice Amazon merchant, you can make full use of these web-apps to find detailed assessments about the prices you may incur in the process. Since you don't have to shell out extra money to avail the features, it totally makes sense to use them for the potential revenue assessment against your preferred items.

Using the Tools

As mentioned in the previous sections, using these tools will differ depending on which tool you've picked. In some web applications, you can instantly calculate the revenue by adding the link or the identification key of your Amazon listing. Other software, however, requires you to key in some extra details like the product's name, type, size, dimensions and more. Once you check the page of the application of your choice, using it will be a breeze. Most of them have proper tutorials walking you through the entire process.

Final Comment

Well, since you’re now more familiar with the best tools for calculating the potential profit from your online listings, what’s keeping you waiting? Choose the application you love and start calculating the price immediately. Since none of them involve much work, operating them is a breeze.


Q. How to Determine Which Calculator is Best For Me?

A. Check each of these listed tools and weigh out their features. If you're not looking for rigorous breakdowns, look for a tool that's simple and easy to grasp. Alternatively, if the in-depth assessment is what you want, get a tool that gets you to add different parameters to offer a more well-rounded walkthrough on your requirements.

Q. What is the Price of the FBA Program?

A. While you need to pay a flat subscription fee of $39.99, other extra fees may be added here depending on the item you’re selling.

Q. How to Calculate this Fee?

A. The price is calculated taking a small percentage of your selling price into consideration. Alternatively, a flat fee may also be used here. The overall charge will vary depending on the product you plan to sell and your destination country.

Q. How Do Keywords Work?

A. In Amazon, the keyword refers to the phrases, buyers use while looking for an item. When you add them to your listing, your item almost instantly gets higher visibility.

Q. Is There Any Limitation on the Number of Keywords I Use?

A. As of now, you can add a listing within 1000 characters. The number of phrases you use will depend on their size and character-count.

Q. Does Amazon have SEO?

A. Search engine optimization of Amazon refers to optimizing your item listing on Amazon depending on specific search metrics.