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14-Sat-3-20 03:20

amazon affiliate marketing

Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce store where millions of people search for things and spend money. According to a report, more than half of the US population likes to shop online and Amazon is on the top of the list. But have you ever thought that you can also make money from amazon not as a seller but as an amazon associate or affiliate?

What Is Amazon's Affiliate Or Associate?

Amazon affiliate also known as amazon associate is a marketing service that pays you on every purchase whenever an item is sold by following the link on your blog or website. Amazon affiliate marketing is the world’s leading affiliate marketing service and many people are becoming amazon associates to earn money. You can monetize your websites by providing product links such as books, electronics, household items, etc. anyone joins t for free and make money.

How to Create an Amazon Affiliate Account?

The process is super easy and easy to follow. Just create an account with amazon associates. The approval time for an account is 24-40 approximately. After the approval, acquire amazon affiliate links and incorporate them on your website. IO Scout and bsr calculator for your business. When your website visitor clicks on those links and ends up buying the product, you will get the commission, which is 10% of each purchase. And the most amazing thing is, it is not that specific link you provided on your website, you will get commission against every other item as well that is being purchased by the buyer/visitor.

Requirements to Become an Amazon Affiliate or Associate

As we have stated above, the process is very easy and can be completed within minutes. There are few requirements you need to fulfill if you want to create an amazon affiliate or associate account. There are three types of people who can join this program:

Website Owners or Bloggers

People who own a website or a blog are eligible to create an amazon affiliate account. If you don’t have one, you need to create an account first and then follow the above mentioned steps to create an amazon affiliate or associate account.

You Tubers

If you are a blogger or you tuber, you can also create an amazon affiliate or associate account and get started today. Advertise amazon affiliate marketing links on your website and start making money today. Monetize your YouTube channel and get started.

Social Media Influencer

Social media has become an essential part of our lives over the past few years. Many people are turning to it for marketing and buying different brands. Social media marketing plays an important role in promoting a brand or product. People like to see daily deals and making purchases. Social media influencers are also edible to create amazon affiliate or associate accounts. This is a relatively new affiliate program by amazon and can be joined by anyone. If you have a social media account such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Instagram, you qualify for this program. Through the Amazon affiliate program, you can create your own amazon storefront and divert your followers to amazon to make purchases.

Tips To Perform Better As an Amazon Associate

Use Multiple Affiliate Links

It is recommended to use multiple amazon affiliate links in the content you write. It not only helps users to find product links easily but it also user-friendly.

1.Write Perfect Content/Articles

So not only the affiliate links matters, the content on your website or blog should also be very nicely written and formatted. It is the primary attraction your visitors have to visit your website. It also makes your site look professional.

2.Create Clear Images or Text Links

No one has time to go through lengthy descriptions on the website. Make it easy for your visitors by putting clear and clickable text or image links so that they can be clicked without any hassle. Some websites reported a 30% increase in commission when they followed this strategy.

3.Get Advantage of the Holiday Season

Holidays are a time for fun and off course for some shopping. Get your websites up and running smoothly before the holiday season starts. People like to make purchases in the holiday season. This is the time when you can get most of the sales.

4.Use Plugins and Software

You can also get help from website plugins and software to make your job faster and easier. Install helpful plugins to post text and pictures faster.


Amazon's affiliate or associate is indeed a great program for everyone. It is super easy to join. Unemployed persons and even students can be benefited from this program to make some extra money. All this is possible by sitting at your homes. How cool is that?