Is MerchantWords Review the Cheap Jungle Scout?

24-Mon-2-20 03:38

Is MerchantWords Review the Cheap Jungle Scout?

how to use merchant words

An excellent product research tool can help you start a profitable business online. Jungle Scout, for a long time, has been a reliable Amazon research tool. Cheaper yet useful options have developed today for the same purpose. One of those solutions is the MerchantWords , which we will review today. 

What is MerchantWords?

MerchantWords was developed by a Software Engineer George Lawrence. The tool allows for a seller to identify products frequently look for on Amazon. By paying attention to the frequency of searches on a particular product, you can know the ones often purchased and include them in your listing due to their purchase potential. Here’s how to use MerchantWords .

Merchant Words is quite easy to use since all you do is to search for a name on the search tool at the top and let it do the rest for you. Once the results generate, you can download data in the CSV file, which you can then evaluate. On the CSV, you will find search results of the product as well as search volumes of keywords.

MerchantWords Services

On Merchant Services, you will come across multiple research tools such as Page 1 Products, the Keyword Multiplier, ASIN Plus, Collections, the Listing Advisor, and the Classic Search, all bringing special product research advantages.

  1. Page 1 Products - Saves your research time by taking you directly to products on page one. These products are usually your benchmark, and you might work your way to that page and even surpass them. The idea is to observe what those on the first page do and work a way to be like them.
  2. Keyword multiplier - Often, as much as a keyword you may want to use is familiar, there is a high chance that multiple sellers are using it. MerchantWords allows you to type a keyword, and in turn, it gives you synonyms of that word that have lesser competition yet highly effective in making you more visible.  
  3. ASIN Plus - This tool uses a reverse approach whereby all pieces of data about a product comes directly from the Amazon platform. This approach allows you to understand the potential of your product in its niche by analyzing the niche itself.
  4. Collections - This tool brings together multiple product lists and allows you creatively name your product every time you post any of your products online. The reason is that every time you come up with a name or keyword, other sellers have already used it. This data allows you to freshly name your product so that it sounds different and stands out in its niche.
  5. Listing Advisor - Being unique is one thing that can help you a lot when running a business on Amazon. Listing Advisor makes that possible once you use MerchantWords alongside the premium optimization option. With this feature, you have access to descriptions in HTML, a one-time free rewrite, optimized keywords, and optimized titles.
  6. Classic Search - This tool allows you to arrived at your most preferred keyword. What happens is that on searching for a keyword on a search dialog, the results will be other alternatives to the keyword that can serve the same SEO purpose as they keyword more effectively.

MerchantWords Pricing

Pricing for this tool is different across multiple countries. If you are in the US, the price you will get MerchantWords at $ 30 monthly or $300 annually. Other countries have a package for up to $150 annually or $15 a month. The remaining parts of the globe get the tool for up to $ 600 a year or $60 a month. Going for an annual subscription exposes you to MerchantWords discount of 2 months off the normal 12 months of the year.


Without a doubt, Jungle Scout comes out on top, given its many years in the online market. However, newer tools come alongside more enjoyable and promising capabilities that can boost your Amazon enterprise. Some of these products are cheap, whereas others are free and others pricier. MerchantWords is an interesting tool and is worth the try. This MerchantWords Review shows you how the tool gives a new perspective to product research, a spark that may be missing in already existing research tools. One thing you can count on is that you will increase your product visibility and accessibility by consumers, given the tool's impeccable optimization capabilities.