4 Tricks that Can Help you Find What to Sell on Amazon

12-Sun-4-20 11:42

Meta Description: Wondering what products you can sell on Amazon? Read on to find out four ways to know which item will do well. 

items to sell on amazon

The question, ' what can I sell on Amazon ' is one that every person who wants to venture into eCommerce to make some extra income must ask. 

Selling on Amazon is a big deal. In 2018, the number of product searches conducted on this e-commerce giant exceeded those conducted via Google by 15%. This clearly indicates how much Amazon has grown over the years and also explains why so many people want to sell products on this eCommerce site. 

But with more than 12 million items listed on the site, determining what to sell on Amazon can be challenging for any person. The good news is that it is not entirely impossible to do so because prospective sellers can use free sites to research the best products to sell on Amazon. 

How to Determine which Products to Sell on Amazon

There are several factors that influence a seller's decision on what to sell on Amazon to make money. The several critical factors you need to pay attention to when choosing an item to sell. These are:

  • Seller fees
  • Shipping costs
  • Competition
  • Product source 
  • Customer review ratings 

Amazon's seller fees vary depending on the plans that one chooses. As a general rule, individual plans are less costly compared to professional plans. So, how do you decide which items to sell on amazon ? Here are four easy tricks that you can use to find items that are on demand:  

Check the Best Seller List

An easy way to know what to sell on Amazon is to go to the best sellers page. Here, you will find a list of at least 100 products that are selling at any given time in each category. From the listed products, you can get ideas on what items to sell on the site. When searching the best seller section, consider identifying a category that interests you. Research it further and narrow down to a single niche. Also, pay attention to the 'customers also bought' part to see which similar products customers are interested in. Craft a list of potential products and check how much search volume each has. The higher the search volume, the higher the demand. 

Use the Best Sellers Rank (BSR)

This tool will tell you the sales trends of specific items - both historical and recent. Products that have a high BSR tend to have high demand compared to those that don't. When searching for the best items to sell on Amazon, you need to compare BSRs for various products that are in the same category. If in a single category you find that most items have low BSR and only one has a high BSR, be cautious. Go for categories that have many best selling items as this means buyers are willing to check out different items before making a purchase.  

Search for Niche Gaps

Search results can help you identify products that are not available on Amazon. The easiest way to do this is using Amazon's search bar to conduct organic search. For instance, searching for 'women dresses' on the junior dresses subcategory returned 6000 results. However, a search for 'women dresses blue casual' returned 607 results. 

best products to sell on amazon

best items to sell on amazon

This difference in results indicates a gap in the junior dresses niche that one can take advantage of. For best results, narrow your search by including product size or color in your keywords. This will enable you to find items that may be missing on Amazon - which gives you ideas on things to sell on Amazon.  

Consider Competition

Selling a product that has high competition on Amazon is a daunting task. Instead of struggling to market a product that returns tens of thousands in search results, consider finding items that return fewer results. Less competition means buyers are able to find an item with ease. With such items, your chances of making sales are high because buyers only need to use specific keywords in their search to find your product. Narrowing down to specific niches is the key to finding these kind of products on Amazon.

For example, if you decide to sell scarves for women, you are better off specifying the kind of scarves they are to make them less competitive. A search for 'Scarf Women' returns 10,000 results. However, specifying the product further using a term like 'Scarf Women Animal Print' reduces the results to just 1000. Make your product descriptions more specific to reduce competition and increase the possibility of your product becoming a best seller in your category. 

Bottom Line

There is no doubt that you can make a good income selling items on Amazon. However, this depends on the product that you decide to sell. It also means investing time researching the site to find products that have potential to sell. The product you decide to sell should be reasonably priced, unique and one that has less competition if you want to make a profit. If you are in the process of identifying a product, use the four tricks discussed above and increase your chances of finding the  best product to sell on amazon today.