Short Guide to Amazon Listing Optimization

06-Fri-3-20 12:50

The Amazon product optimization service can have great impact on sales. If you are ranking higher you sell more and are more successful.

If your goal is to be successful on Amazon this guide is for you. By the time you finish reading it, you will know how to optimize Amazon listings.

It may sound surprising but a massive part of the listing of products is not done correctly. The information below can help you improve your product sales and increase your overall conversions, so read on to learn more.

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How to Optimize Amazon Listing

Is your listing clear and understandable enough? One of the most basic principles of selling on Amazon is to make it very clear on what you are selling and what are the benefits. Remember that users are bombarded with messages and ads and their attention span is extremely short, so they need to get what your product is all about at a glance.

Can someone get what you are selling in 5 seconds? If the answer is yes, you are on the right track. The two main things you need to keep in mind when optimizing your listing are simplicity and effectiveness.

Here are the steps that will help you optimize Amazon listing.

Steps for Amazon Product Listing Optimization by IO Scout

1.     Build for Mobile

More and more people are shopping through their mobile, so make sure your listing is built for mobile-first. You have to make sure your product looks good on different devices besides desktop. Always make sure your listing looks good both on desktop and mobile.

2.     Think About Your Users

Most people do not read Amazon listings but they want to make fast decisions. So, the user intent must be one of the first things you need to look at. Amazon statistics and algorithms will help you get there but you must understand it fully to be able to make the right decisions.

 3 . Amazon Product Title Optimization

The title is the most important part of any listing. It tells visitors what your product is about, so it needs to be very clear and written in the right way. The most important keywords need to be included in the titles as well as the main features and benefits of the product.

4.     Bullet Points

The bullet points inside an Amazon product description make it more readable and understandable. This is the section people scan through when looking for the key benefits of a product. Some of the best listings have the bullet points as a key element.

amazon product title optimization

5 .     Product Description

The product description is where the seller tells their story. If a buyer reads the description they are probably interested in purchasing but are not sure about it yet. The description is especially important for expensive products. If you are selling high-end products they need to contain the key features: title, description and bullet points.

6.    Search Terms

This section is at the back-end of a listing. It also needs to be quite simple and straightforward. It should contain the primary keywords mixed up with the search terms. You need to write the text connecting these words in a meaningful and informative way.

7.    Image Optimization

 This is the part that the majority of sellers get wrong. Luckily it’s not that difficult to master. What you need to do is take some good pictures. The product needs to be positioned against a white background and the image should allow a zoom.

According to statistics a big part of the buyers do not read the listing but decide to purchase based on the price, image and reviews. So, these are the sections that convert a user.

8.    Take care of the Copy

Copy is King and it is even more important than optimization. Every Amazon seller must be familiar with basic marketing and copywriting. This is essential even if the product gets organic visibility. In the copy, it is very important to:

•            Give a clear reason for purchase

•            Reference the good reviews in the bullet points

•            Sell the benefits of your product

•            Call out your audience

•            Use high-quality, bright images

•            Give the audience reasons to trust you



Amazon listing optimization is crucial for the success of any product and seller. Remember the tips we have mentioned above and implement them when you are creating a listing or writing your product copy. Once you are done with all this the next step is to market the listing and increase its organic ranking. The Amazon listing optimization is the key to success for all Amazon sellers, do it well and you will see the result quickly.